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AYURVEDA’ 5000 years old medical science of India evolved from the strong cultural and philosophical back ground. In ancient India all Knowledges available at that time were compiled in ‘Vedas’. Vedas are known as the oldest scripts of knowledge.

The term Ayurveda originated from two words 'Ayur' and 'Veda', meaning the science of life. In Ayurveda physicians classify a patients health based on the degree of imbalance of three doshas namely Vata, Pitha and Kapha.

'Vata' is that which constitutes bodily movement and activity. 'Pitha' is the entire biochemical process operating in a body and 'Kapha' is the entire physical volume in living organism. Variety of therapies including Ayurvedic bath are at your disposal to soothe and recharge your physical, mental and spiritual forces.

1 Ayurvedic Packages (Rasayana Chikilsa)

This treatment includes body massage with hand and foot by medicated oil and cream. It includes internal rejuvenative medicines and medicated steam bath. It is good to rejuvenate mind, body and soul, to one up skin, to strengthen all system so as to achieve ideal health and longevity.

2 Body Purification Therapy (Shodhana Chikilsa):

It is a process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of Vatha, Pitha and Kapha on Panchakarma and Swetakarma treatment. This will also purify the gunas and doshas of mind viz. Satwa, Rajas and Thamas. The 14 days package process include body massage, Snehapanam, Nasyam, Virechanam (medicated Purgative) Sneha Vasthi, Kashaya Vasthi, Pizhichil, Gnavarakizhi, Tharpanam, Sirovasthi, Karnapoornam, Medicated steam bath.

3 Slimming Programme

This programme includes Body Purification treatments, Medicated Herbal Powder Massage, in take of herbal juice, herbal preparations and some minor exercises. A special AYURVEDIC diet is advised during this period, this includes two types of massage.

4 Stress Relieving Programme

This programme is aimed at providing relief for those who are suffering from mental and physical stress. And those who have insomnia, lack of concentration, fatigue, head ache and general weakness. The programme will do wonders on those who work on computers, travel frequently and work late. In this programme general body massage, shirodhara, njavarakizhi, kati vasti, nasyam, pichu, thalam etc are done on doctors advice.

5 Relaxation Programme

This programme is for the guests who are here for a short time and who wish to spend their holidays along with health promotion activities like the traditional Ayurveda and Yoga. In this programme general body massage, shirodhara, steam bath, njavarakizhi, pizhichil, ksheeradhara, health drinks, yoga etc are done on doctors advice.

6 Spine and Neck Care Programme

This is a special treatment package for you spine problems. It will strengthen the back muscles and prevent degeneration of bones; it can also prevent nerve compression. This is very good for Spondylosis, post traumatic problems (post accidental) sport injuries etc. This treatment includes Body Massage, Snehapanam, Virechanam, Kadi Vasthi, Sneha Vasthi, Kashaya Vasthi, Pizhichil, Gnavarakizhi etc.

7 Body Immunization / Longevity Treatment (Kayakalpa Chikilsa

This is the prime treatment in AYURVEDA for reducing ageing process, arresting the degeneration of body cells and to immunize the body. Giving Rasayana (very special AYURVEDIC Medicine) internally is the main part of the programme, based on Panchakarma and Swetakarma treatment. This package includes Body Massage, Snehapanam, Vamanam, Virechanam, Nasyam, Sneha Vasthi, Kashaya Vasthi, Pizhichil, Gnavarakizhi, Tharpanam, Sirovasthi, Karnapooranam, Medicated Steam Bath etc.