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Prefect holiday packages of your choice to South India.

Holidays for the newly wed and those who still keep their mind young.

Designer packages for those who are have special interests.

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US$ 50 per person onwards !!! An exciting cruise experience at an unbelievable price .Book now and enjoy !!!

US$ 77 per person per night, CGH Earth Properties for 07 nights /08 days, A/c car and all sight seeing included…

US$ 90 per person per night , Premium Heritage Properties for 07 nights/08 days , A/c car and all sight seeing..

    "So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked." --Mark Twain, from Following the Equator

India, the vibrant and colorful land is as diverse as its people. The Mosaic of art and culture, the potpourri of traditions India stands as one of the oldest living civilizations which offered to the rest of the world the elemental sound of “Aoum”, the concept of zero, and the richness of Yoga and the serenity of Ayurveda. A treasure of art and culture India is not a land, but a storehouse of beauty, dream, tradition and verve.

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journey through kerala

This tour gives a glimpses of the major attractions of Kerala. Travel will be through the bustling city of Cochin, Tea Plantations, Hill stations, Wildlife Sanctuaries.

lazy journey

Come and relax in emerald strip of India – Kerala. The short drives will not take away any of your time.You can enjoy the serene backwaters, House Boat and placid mangrove village of Kumarakom.

discover kerala

Kerala has always something to satisfy the discerning travelers of all types. Here comes a programme which will give both relaxation and comfort of covering the popular places.

enchanting south

South India is the cradle of Dravidian Culture. This programme start from Bangalore (Bangaluru) the Garden City of South India, then proceed to Mysore, the sandal wood city and then to Ooty.



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kerala ayurveda


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